heh. yea so my friends have “caught” me. busted for sure:

[@vanwinkle] is harper giving up blogging?
[clock] yeah I think so its been forever
[@vanwinkle] whatever happened to three post per day minumum?
[@scottv] he got a job

So basically I have been just chilling out hard. not doig anything. I get home and I don’t play computer or anything. I really should. I have so many projected that I should finish. they would be easy. and I could make some quick cache. but oh no. I just sit around. and read. I think that is all I have done in my house the last couple months. that and play video games. I lead the life of a philosophy student/stoner. except I don’t smoke. heh. and I am not lame. oh wait. ummm. yea.

hmmm lets see. the last time I updated my blog was in 1983. what has happened since. well I graduated elementry school and moved on to middle school. I saw david bowie. umm. what else.

i need a mirror so I can see when people are entering my cube. it is killing me. I keep “feeling” movement and it is destroying my life. I keep snapping my head around and I am starting to get a neck ache. ;)

anyway. a bunch of fun stuff has happened since I last posted. nata2.info stills pulls a BUNCH of bandwidth. as of today it has pulled about 691.66777 gigabytes in october. wtf. that is 2350920 hits and 249529 pageviews. roughly 39057 visits. heh. that rules. I have conceptually had my entire home town visit my website. almost. well not really at all. but a town of almost 39k. hah. stupid numbers. also on the popular site front - the falaphilia site peaked with 24353 visits in one day and has dropped to less than 150 in a week. We were mentioned on numerous news sites and got quite a bit of blog coverage. it was pretty nuts. I like it when the internet is awesome.

i wonder what will be next. I got some ideas. but I need something to help me execute them. possibly time. haha. that is why we just subscribed to direct tv. I am going legit. I did however hack the shit out of my tivo. so now I get all the fancy backdoors and such - but I am a legit subscriber (of both tivo and dtv - wtf). It was pretty fun to do. I didn’t have to do any of the hard stuff. the directivo scene has everything pretty solid. the hacks I applied are as follows: upgraded my drive to 160gb (120 usable), upgraded the OS to 4.0whatever (found on emule w00t - supports wireless internet updating and such native), enabled telnet, tivoweb, ftp, mfs_ftp, tytools and all that jazz, unscrambled the recordings and applied a couple misc hacks for good measure(perm 30 sec skip). It is a nice device now (whereas before it sucked??). I can’t wait until I get the streaming from the tivo working. I will be able to watch my shows from my computer - while matt or matiss are playing video games. after times like this I remember how awesome I am. haha. I rule.

so I have been trying to take it easy as and save money as well as go out and spend money. it is a worthless endeavor. basically I just go out and then feel guilty about it later. it is a lot of fun however. just not aligned with my goals. hah.

this weekend was pretty cool and fun. friday was weird. we hung out - it was scottv’s bday. we just chilled. stopped by the lumpen select closer. didn’t see any of my friends. left. went to soundbar. it was pretty good. slept. woke up. installed direct tv. tipped the installer. he about died. I think he said thank you 1 billion times.

this reminds me of my new personal goal: to engage in justaposition and hyperbole from now on. yea. I will do it.

so saturday - we went to see suzanne and co at Y bar. but the doors were closed so we waited outside until amjad and friends shoed up for some soundbar action. we hung out a bit. then we went to crobar. where it was madness. Hiromi and I ended up riding the train home at 6:30am. hah. rule. here are the pictures. then last night, matiss and I, juggled at a film fest for rusty nails. it ruled. I got real real tired. we made zombie clothes by cutting up old clothes - then taking them outside and burning them. it was awesome. the show went really good. check out the pictures here.

i am now going to get my vote on. my absentee vote. cuz my work is sending me to salt lake city for training. it will be pretty interesting. I have never been there - and I imagine that it is pretty crazy. crazy like a church. I will have to bring a couple books. what is crazy is my life starting on friday. first I leave for nyc to hang with some friends. I am really excited. then I have crazy parties. then I fly from nyc to cincinnati at 6am, then from cincinnati to salt lake at 8:40am. haha. keep in mind that I am going to a halloween party on sunday that will go until late. hah. I am screwed. luckily I have a cross country flight and won’t be in meetings until the afternoon session. I will also be able to catch up on my rest. w00t.

my friend angus lent me his newton pda. I am pretty excited. I am going to review it and post my findings on 3gcoding. I want a miniture phone. give me one.