so. I have been formulating this post since the last one went live. so about a week or so. a lot has happened in the last couple weeks. mostly insanity. but whatever.

i totally don’t feel it. I will be working on some stuff later. I will feel it then. I hope. I will blog then.

i have some exciting new news I can’t tell anyone about. no one must know my secret. until it is too late to be a secret that is. I am sure I won’t be able to keep my secret. so you will know soon.

i am excited.

I had a good weekend. here are pictures.

since wednesday - pulled 3.7 terabytes of transfer. that is a lot. for those of you that don’t know. my friend just got a new hosting plan and his plan offers him 1000mb a month. so if the trend I exhibited continued for a month I would have pulled 20000mb a month. that means that I would owe about 1 billion dollars. w00t. I rule.

apparently kerry is winning by a landslide. my friend who has a friend on the inside says that “The Democrats’ polls show a huge margin, while the GOPis admitting to only a slight lead thus far–but according to theseoff-the-record sources, people in the GOP headquarters are already in tears.” woah. awesome.
i wonder what will happen in an hour. then two. then four years