so basically I haven’t updated this thing in about 3 years. which is a long time. so I am going to “update” yall as to my whereabouts.

so. I got this new job. it is taking a lot of my time. it rules. but I am in a different paradigm than I was when I was at the WB. basically I am totally engaged for 8 hours. I have to be much more accountable and I have to really justify my actions. this is good for me. it is a situation which allows me to grow. and if things work out how they “should” then I will be sitting pretty. maybe I will win. my goal is to be in a place that gives me the freedom to do what I would normally do (just fuck around all day) but in a corporate environment which I get rewarded in. I think this may be it. I am pretty excited. or I will get fired for looking at porn as usual.

so I am pretty disappointed in the election results. but I feel that we got our just deserve. the american people have spoken. and we now get to live with the results. so I guess now we need to just make sure we don’t blow everyone up. I am doubtful things will get a lot better. I just hope it stays entertaining. and it will. I know it.

i haxored my tivo something fierce. I am currently downloading the election night daily show to burn to a cd and give to matiss. then he can watch it. awesome. I rule.

i want to be fancier. soon. I think my new goal is to make my apartment a cyborg apartment. with robots. I wanna get rid of all the crap I got on ebay. and make the place fancy. like with some interesting computer integrated experiments. I think it will rule. speaking of that. I need to send invoices. or I am going to be making a computer aided sad face when I lose all my moneys.
stupid stupid moneys.

stupid monkeys.

so this weekend was awesome. I went to nyc to hang out. I got pictures to prove it. I hung out a bunch with my friend natasha. she is awesome and really fun. it ruled. I also was able to see some of my friends from afar. I also met some awesome new peoples. I had three costomes. the first was a magic man - although I told everyone I was nelson mandela, the second I don’t have any pictures of - but I was also a magic man (this time red), the third and the best I was a playboy bunny. here is tommie as a girl. and of course - felix and amjad. felix is playing on friday. it will be dope. I was also able to see Jimmy and Gretchen. it ruled. I love them. gretchen hangs out with my friend justin some. it rules.

the pixies are coming soon. I think natasha is gunna come out and see them with me. I am excited. tomorrow is the beastie boys. then on tuesday - lamb of god and fear factory, then on sat - pixies. then monday pixies. then after that: isis and the cradle of filth. METAL!!!!

once again a disjointed nonsense post. <3