this morning I woke up early. like 7:00. I was having a dream wher ei was invader zim and I was able to time travel (a combination of the two things I did last night between 2:30am and 4:00am). it ruled. I just buzzed around and had time traveling problems. I am currently reading this book by authur c clarke. it rules. I forgot what it is called. I have not bothered to look at the titles of the last two or three books. I find it interesting. I have also read a damned lot in the past couple weeks/months. it kinda rules. I shoudl reallystart a book log. haha. that lists all the books I have read and what I thought of them. it might be interesting. maybe I will do that. maybe I will. maybe. I will.

punctuation is sometimes annoying

i don’t think I have one good friend who hasn’t commented on the lack of blog entries I have made since I started my new job. it is cool to see that people are reading my blog. but it is sorta annoying that I have that as a following. I mean. I never did it expecting that I would be expected to do it again soon. heh. yea know. I just do it right now. and then if I do it again soon. it is almost a coincidence that I continue everyday. I never realized that people read it. haha. even thought he stats tell me otherwise. I may be stuck in my own universe. hmm. could I be?

i miscalculated my pay periods and I have totally screwed myself. haha. rule. I shoudl plan ahead more. and plan on buying less stuff. stupid buying. stupid money. nata2 is in dire straits. we shall see how this turns out. I think possibly ok. but eep. I hope so.

stupid money

oh oh oh. I purchased a new dvd player and haxored it into being region free. I got the Cyberhome CH-DVD 320 at target for $38.00. it is about the size of a large 80s portable cd player. heh. or about the size of a sega genesis (sorta with a bit shaved off and it looks cooler). so I haxored it real easy like:

Turn on power (with no disc inserted)
Press Menu, 1, 9
Select the Region option and press Enter
Key number of desired region or 0 for region free
Press Enter again to save changes
Press Eject and insert your DVD
now it plays ALL my dvds without fail. we watched Zat?ichi. it was incredible. next is dark water, nightmare, then battle royal 2, then whatever and then whatever, and then whatever. it rules. I can order from hivizone with reckless abandon (whereas before I was so so conservative with my 100s of hong kong dvd orderings). you can never have enough I guess….

politics are dumb. tonight I get to go see fear factory. then to see the movie the grudge. I am excited. although really hungry. ;)