seriously I do. my new goal (well it is the same as my old goal - but with a bit more randomness) is awkwardness, juxtoposition and hyperbole. so basiclaly my life. hah. but I am excited. for the next couple days. work is becoming ultra cool. I think their will be some nice changes soon. it just seems like their will be. like the wind is blowing change my way. I do think it is funny - I could be the veritable harbinger of death and sorrow for developers - for I have never worked anywhere where as soon as I get hired the lead developer doesn’t quit. I think that is weird. maybe they just catch “wind” of my skillz. haha. whatever. anyway. regardless of my nonsense words. I am pretty excited about work. I want to do more faster. so after work there is going to be fun too. mike and my friend carrie are driving up from greality to come see the pixies tomorrow night. they will arrive tonight. the fun thing is - mike nor me have ever really met carrie. I have talked to her briefly while sleeping and chatted with her a number of times. I have followed her blog for awhile but yea. it is going to be awesome. or really weird and awkward. I vote for awesome. I am excited. EXCITED. hah. anyway. this brings me to the pixies. soooo. the pixies were incredible. I was very very happy to see them on saturday. they played an incredible set. all the songs I wanted to hear (except alec eifel). and they were just generally thrilling to see. kim deal was so nice. they did not talk a lot. really it was awesome. or it was awesome, really. i am going to retire soon. to bed. I need to do work. now!