work is awesome again. on friday I did a bunch of stuff getting acclimated with flash and such. kinda fun. then I got bored and wne to drop off some cds to my “boss.” he was in his office with this dude listening to music. they were listening to death from above 1979. so I hung out and we all talked about death metal for about 40 minutes. totally awesome. I love it.

then me and some friends went to hard rock hotel. then we went to old timers. then rainbo. then empty bottle. then I was tired and drunk. so I went home. heh. and passed out until 3am at which time I packed for colorado. then I flew to colorado. then I was tired again. hah. so I took a nap. went to lunch with the fam. then took a nap again. now I have slept all day. and am starting to feel normal.

it is snowing here and is quite pretty.

some very interesting things are happening in my life. totally changing everything.

i just heard a cat meowing so I opened the closet and let my parents car out. hah. silly kitty. during my first nap I had a really weird dream about a cat who was hurt. and as the dream progressed. the cat got more and more human like. until in the end it was a human cat hybrid. and totally hot. hahaha.

my free ipod order was submitted and passed verification. now they are processing it. hopefully I get it. I have passed all of the steps so far. maybe I will get a silver ipod in a couple days. then. if that works. I am going to try and get the free plasma screen tv. hhaha. ok. the cat is on my lap. not letting me type. I will go now. ready. cat typing:

44 4b*——————
hehe. there yea go cat people. in your own language.