i know I haven’t updated in a while. do you think you can forgive me? I hope so. we all go through times where computers burn our fingers when we touch them. this wasn’t one of those times. I just didn’t feel like it. sometimes that happens. but whatever. I am back. for tonight. maybe for a couple days. maybe for a couple months. maybe for just a minute.

but whatever. so now. I am here.
tonight I worked on this site with a friend of mine. it was pretty fun. I like computers.

work has been really awesome. I love work when I get to do work. I have been staying pretty late. on friday I worked from 9am until 12am. it ruled. I love working. especially if I am doing exciting things. one of the exciting things I did was put a huge picture of my cousins cow on my wall. it rules. I used the rasterbator. yall should check it out.

i don’t know what to put up next. maybe something exciting.

i am going to clean my room. and then goto bed.