so everyone is asking me how I got the free ipod. well. iw ill detail the steps:

  1. I went to and signed up (june)
  2. I posted the referer info to all my friends - no one did it ;)
  3. I posted the referer info to ( a pretty high bandwidth site) and a lot of people signed up and no one completed the offer.
  4. I waited 6 months
  5. I randomly checked and had 5 completed offers
  6. it took a little less than one month for them to send it.
  7. I got it.

see easy. it took about 6 months. but I didn’t proselytize much. all I did was sit here and think about it. well not even that. I figure if you got a bunch of friends together - you could all get ipods for free. so try it out. right now I am fighting for a free nintendo DS. do it. DOOO it.

i wonder if this means I am going to start blogging again.

i wonder if this means I am going change the graphics on my brand new ipod mini. I hope so.

what do you want for christmas?