seriously. it is a crazy mess. it just exploded the other day and I haven’t had a chance or drive to fix it.

so the ipod mini is incredible. so tiny. it really is awesome. as you can see it is quite a bit smaller than the regular ipod. it came with the crappy generic white apple headphones. I was hopeing for the fancy smancy in ear ones. but noooo… it did however come with a really nifty belt clip. I am pretty thrilled. the only problem is that I really feel you don’t need two ipods. the mini does fit in my mouth though - so it is cooler by far. I guess I get to keep both and see what happens.

i wish I had a vacation soon. only to pump out work. I need some time. I guess the weekend is coming. I shoudl just be super dilligent.

i don’t know why I don’t start a porn site. I mean. I have all the skillz. it would make me lots of money. it would rule. etc etc. wtf. hmm.. nobody knows.

i am currently reading rabbit redux by john updike. it is kinda sad. I guess I am unable to escape books like this.

i wonder what I will be wearing tomorrow.