this weekend was really fun. I liked it. basically I just hung out and played video games, went to clubs and drank vodka. yea know. the usual. it all started on thrusday (as it always does)… so thursday I went to sushi wabi with claudia. then to sonotech. and I saw elisa. I was so excited. I hadn’t seen her in ages. I lke my friends. then we went to bungalow to see jordan and chad - I met up with tag and soe other there. they then went to neo - I went to zentra for telos thing. it ruled. I enjoyed it. I love me the house music. heh. I was sad to ditch my friends however. then on friday I engaged in my companies christmas party. so much fun. we hung out. talked. listened to speeches. just chilled. it was neat to learn so much about my company. it is a really cool organization. I am happy I am there. then we ate. drank. etc. it was fun. we were merry. then on saturday - I hung out with mark and matiss. we played.

i am so tired of blogging. i have no patience.