on where I left off just a second ago.

so anyawy. this weekend was a lot of fun. I did a little bit of christmas shopping - got soem gift0rs for my peeps and my family. stupid money. why is all this shit so expensive. I would elaborate - but that might give away some of the oh so secret secrets I have. and their are many. so many it hurts inside.

this weekend I did a lot of random develpment. I played a bunch with my new website: weatherisawesome. I am really annoyed with the weather service though. they are pissing me off with piss poor xml. it is just not easy as it could be. and it could be so so elagant. I basically spent most of yesterday evening pissed as hell at the bastards. omg I was mad. then I cleaned my room (it is now pristene), and then made an xslt that rendered part of the xml (the good part). my guess is that they either have some fancy tricks up their sleeve or they are using some standard that was made years ago and just haven’t fixed/upgraded it. because it suxors bad. I am gunna punch them. I have thought about super stalking one of the developers and calling them and being like “hey why did you do it this way” and if they respond well - then askingthem for help. yea know. the usual thing.

in other news - soap rules. I am thinking about writing a location soap server that would return either the zip code from lat/long, or the lat/long from zip or finally, zip codes near a certain zaip code. this could help with some fun locaiton apps. like saying - I am here what is near. and the like.

i am also hopeing to do some work with soap and itunesblogger. like making it submit via a soap client or whatever. or maybe have it look to ituneshacking to grab the most listened to songs. it could be really cool.

i love computers - although yesterday I was swearing at every computer ever made.

i feel empty and hollow inside.

i am reading the rabbit books by john updike. they are sad. but the sad that I like. where the characters are seemingly dealing with mediocrity in the way they only know how to. it is nice to read. I just finished rabbit redux and am starting rabbit run today and should be on rabbit is rich in a couple days. I like updickes style - although it is sometimes very very dense and I have to shake my head back and forth to deal with the desity of the descriptions. I love books.

i wish I had a whatiamreadingBlogger program. maybe I will write one. something that hooks into that site - umm - allconsuming.net and allows a person to easily and quickly update their reading list. I found that the site - althugh cool - was slow and clunky. which really made it annoying for me.

i find it humourous how I am attempting to “desktop clientize” all of my favorite websites. but they are super thin clients. super super thin. like my fancy pants.

ook. I need sleep. and I am at work. so I am stuck working. and not sleeping. I wish I could pause the day and sleep. omg I would age fast. I would pause it and sleep and sleep and sleep - and then unpause it. I woudl then inadvertently live like 3 days for everyone elses one day. I need to read more time travel books.