i think the mix is grave diggaz, front line assembly, himsa, bleeding through and fischerspooner. haha. it rules. it is also a lot better on shuffle. ;) I love mp3s.

last night all I did was play video games. I played gish for about an hour - it is a lot of fun. I enjoyed the motif quite a bit. I do wish it really looked like the still graphics look. I mean I is close - but it coudl be really awesome. it reminds me of the graphics from my favorite tv show ever: invader zim. and then I played Bridge It for about 45 minutes. so much fun. I love physics. haha. basically it allows you the constructor to build bridges of your wildest dreams. and then drive things across them. I made some crazy bridges - I tell you what. after that little stint as a god I joined my roommates for a quick two games of mario party six. it ruled.

i love css. and metal. I love metal more than I love css.

this morning sucked. I basically ran around frnatically looking for my winter earrings. I have a pair of amber earrings that my friend mary got me - they are really cool and fit perfectly. however, I apparently lost them and all I can find are these other amber earrings that don’t fit. it sucked. both because I really like having them (memories and all that jazz) and because they don’t get cold like the blistering metal that is currently inhabiting the nation that is my ear lobes.

now I am off to do work and read comics. and by comics I mean connect to a sql server db and write jsp code.