Ibook Picture Frame

I have always wanted a digital picture frame. I originally thought that the audrey would fulfill my need - but it became apparent that i needed something much more powerful. I needed something that i could manage remotely and could run reasonable programs on. I needed a technology that would allow me to use open source software to display and manipulate the pictures as well as possible. I thought of using a custom linux solution - but decided that it would be cost prohibitive. I also noticed that there are a handfull of good picture frame tutorials already on the internet - so i checked them out and noticed a really nice powerbook hack as well as the apple duo hack and got to thinking about my roommates old clamshell ibook sitting in the corner…

The clamshell ibook is a good choice because:

  • OSX - it can natively run a lot of the apps i was dreaming about
  • Small Form factor - it is already small and can get smaller thanks to Apples brilliant component design
  • Good Screen - has a decent screen
  • Heat dissipation - doesn't run hot
  • Cheap - sub $500
  • Ports - has airport(802.11), ethernet, usb and line out all built in.
So i went to it.

So around christmas time i flew to colorado to be with my family. I brought the remenants of my picture frame project from awhile ago to finish up in my fathers shop.

I shopped around for a frame that would be around 8x10 and would be deep enough to hold the mother board and such with the screen well enough. I thought about doing a custom frame, but i figured out (with dylan’s help) that it would be prohibitively expensive. I eventually found two box frames that when stacked created enough depth to hold everything well. I then used some braces and some thick foam to hold the motherboard in.

It turned out really well.

here are some pictures:

All the pieces separated outAll of the pieces separated out and fancilike.
In a boxThe initial test - in a box.
Ibook Picture FrameThis is the frame i picked.
Power ConnectorThis is where the power connector hooks. I have drilled a hole into the frame. It is an incredibly type fit.
Hard drive and airport cardHere is a view of the hard drive and airport card.
Booting upBooting up
In action The Frame in action
So. That is that. For the complete set of pictures check here