i really like yoyoing. I made up a couple trick. I am calling it harper rolls. haha. I really can’t do it yet. soon. then video. then RULING?!

there is a HUGE juggling convention this weekend. but I am sadly going to have to stay home nad work. it sucks. stupid work. always getting in the way. I am going to punch it. right in the head. PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH.

i picked up a surprise. I have been looking for a computer to manage my contacts, my business and everything. so I was going to buy a shuttle and just tuck it in the corner. but then I was like. WHY! oh WHY! would I get a pc when I hate them. hahah. so instead I picked up a mac mini. it has quicken. has bluetooth. and has wifi. so I can place it in the corner. and it will suck my phone’s soul. manage my finances and basically just play well with others. I am pretty happy about it.

i will also be happy when my project is over.