old boy been working hard. dang dang darn.

today I shoudl get my mac mini. so I planned for its arrival. I brought a fancy knife that I use to open things like apple computers, I brought a couple dual headed screwdrivers. and I brought a camera. I am ready t welcome the little guy into the new world. this has brought me to start thinking how silly the things I carry on my person are. so I decided that I woudl catalog everything that I carry on my person on the way to work. here it is:

  • clothes (of course)
  • wallet
  • keys to my apartment
  • nokia 7610 phone
  • moonboots
  • hoody
  • glasses
  • burts beeswax
  • ipod mini
  • shure e2c headphones
  • richard ford - independence day
  • mini screw driver
  • regular sized screw driver
  • custom big chief knife (customized by my brother while he was in dive school)
  • work pager
  • key card
  • work laptop
So yea. that is what I carried to work. I don’t carry a bag or anything. I just stuff my pockets. I probably look like a dork. but who cares.

so I am going to throw out their a smallish gripe. ever since I got the 7610 I have been really happy with my phone - however. it is a pain in the ass to upload pictures. because the pictures are ~1mp so they are a lot larger than I am used to. but it will take a good 15-20 minutes to upload a few pictures. sooooo annoying.

if it was faster I would be posting pictures of my fancy new mac mini that came while writing this post ;).