check it out. the first step: yeknom industries. w00t. you will have to wait until later to see what comes next.

being so busy I have barely had enough time to notice the insanely smart people who “hang” on the internet. basically I mean.. google employees. heh. for some starters - Chris Wetherell seems to be quite something. it is lovely to see good design in a tech setting. I need to redesign my site. really bad. maybe I will start now. I think I will. hah. brb.

the problem is that I don’t really want to use my cms - or any of the others out their. so annoying. haha. I want the blog entries to just come from my brain. maybe I will use wordpress. it is php. and it isn’t the EVIL EVIL cgi that has been plagging my poor server (stupid comments - bastards be killing my shit :P). the next questions (after cms) is whether I should have comments or not. if you have any suggestions.. let me know. maybe then I will be excited to talk about more things. I can combine all my blogs, drop about 15 domains - and BAM. richer. sounds good.

then I will be the winner.

i want to visit taiwan. and then travel. want want want. dang. I guess I can’t have it all.

i am working on a new sleep schedule: 4-5hrs sleep at night, 8-10hrs awake, 3-4hrs sleep then 3-4hrs awake. if you notice it adds up to one day. it is hard though. haha. it is basically what I practice now - but I was thinking about ripping it up. haha.