So i got one of those free ipod minis. It was stupid, those are such scams. it took a long time - cuz i didn’t really care. but seriously. it isn’t worth doing. you might as well just save your money and buy one. odn’t get me wrong - it is free. but you are inadvertently selling out your fiends in the process. ;)

I also picked up a mac mini. i really like the form factor and the design. the OS is nice. however i decided that i really hate macs. basically i have been a pc user my whole life. i use linux and have used every version of windows. i don’t enjoy windows - however it is what i know. so i get this mac mini and i plugit in and play with it and what not and i immediately feel the limitations of the OS. not like it is limiting me - but that my expectations of being fucked with are limiting my view of what i can do with it. It just seemed too easy - like it was a trick. i really felt as though macs are the padded rooms of the computing world. as hard as i tried i couldn’t hurt myself while i was playing with a mac - not to say i was unable to - just that i was not able to with ease. not like a windows machine. a windows machine - i could completely fuck up in an hour of regular usage; however a mac i was unable to break or cuz even the slightest of pains after hours and hours of playign with, tweaking, etc. it was almost annoying. it rendered my computer time into something boring. i had time to go outside and wade into snow. LAME. however i do enjoy the smoothness of the interface and i haven’t disconnected it. what i really need to do is install a debian on my pc and get a kvm. or not a kvm. i guess i would have ip access - so i could just use X. hmm. i wish windows was as cool.