So on new years day i got a little “carried away” and got my Nokia 6600 wet. The joystick immediately stopped working and all hell broke loose. i was unable to do anything fancy like call or text. it was so annoying. so i got out my nifty little Sony-Ericcson t610 and continued my day. luckily mightysync worked for me and i didn’t lose any number nor was i down for any time. however - i was totally used to using the Symbian phones and i needed to fix my 6600. The first thing i did was take it apart. that did not work. it just made things worse. so i gave up, used the little minature phone i had and went on my way. of course i coudln’t help but looking for other cell phones. i decided after about 3 days to go and pick up a nokia 7610.

I went to devon and picked one up at this place called oversees electronics. it rules. i really like it. not only is it super fancy and cool looking - but it is quite a bit faster than the 6600. it also feels better. the keypad is kinda weird and i constantly have trouble with the * key. but other than that it rules. i really enjoy it.

the muvee software is quite something - my friends all enjoy me sending them fucked up movies that make no sense at all. i enjoy it as well. it cracks me up.

one thing that is super annoying is that i am unable to sync with iSync. wtf apple. i mean seriously. it isnt’ that hard to support native syncml in your syncml application. hah. stupid mrouter. i am gunna punch nokia when i see them on the street. other then the syncing issues (which should get resolved in tiger - meh) i really like the phone. love actually.