heh. check out my new design. it is almost done. I need to fancy it up a bit and tweak it a little bit. but for the most part it is near completion.

also check out 43 things - a really really cool idea. I think I will integrate it with my new blog design. I also want to make a friends section like nick whatever’s blog - which I don’t want to find right now. I need to rethink my design a bit. but I am happy so far. to load peoples rss I am thinking about using xmlhttp or something. it should rule.

i am also thinking about combining tiddywiki and xmlhttp to create a super fancy smooth javascript notepad for my site. it should rule.

also check out my friend kevi’s site: slimkevi. he is trying to lose a bunch of weight. the site is totally awesome. good luck. I hope he finds himself successful.

having reread my entry - I realized I am incredibly tired and need to goto bed. gnight.