check out this comic. so very very true. unfortunately it is being banned by newspapers all over. too bad it is true. heh. I love shit like that.

Some really exciting things are going down right now. I am almost finished with my fathers site and should be moving on to another couple sites. I started another project and have bundles more to do. stupid projects. always taking my time.

one of the cooler projects I started is a port of the bbs door cripple smash. it was a game me and my friends played in high school a bunch. but it was written to work on a bbs (as doors were :P) and we want to port it to become a PHP web app. i tracked down the author a couple(5 years ago) and we talked about doing the port - but nothing came of it. so when he contacted me on Monday I jumped to action. it rules.

i love neat things.

i am thinking about making a magnetic stripe reader. also writing a camophone interface in python for my series 60 phone. this would make things fun. I could be out and demo the camophone capabilities to anyone. rule.

this weekend I am going to Colorado to help my parents with their website and to hang out with my cousins. I am pretty excited about being away again. I need more vacations. I need to start reading again. I finally got the rest of my fancy series. haha. stupid fantasy novels. I hate them - but they are so good. haha. totally cool. TOTALLY COOL.

ok. I really need to spend some time later and just move nata2 to its new design. stupid sleep. as my friend andy just said to me:

(10:24:59) Andy Carlson: I think I am going to stop sleeping
(10:25:04) Andy Carlson: it takes too long

So true. stupid sleep. maybe I will start using amphetamines. that should solve the annoying sleep problem. ;)

check out my new shoes.