so I have been thinking about going to des moines to see my friend derek and I was talkign to him and he was all surprised that I woudl be coming out:

(11:42:00) Derek Brooks: just to hang out?
(11:42:02) Work Aim: yea
(11:42:06) Derek Brooks: cool
(11:42:27) Derek Brooks: are you getting tired of fun
(11:43:41) Work Aim: hahaha

see what I have to deal with. last night I played with subversion. it is pretty dope. it will really induce the collaborative work I have been doing lately. hopefully shit will get done.

check out my revisions to it is a little bit more stalkerific than I originally wanted. but it is still fun.

i am really tired. I have been attempting to finish my dad's site, and finish my fantasy novel series (NERD!!) - both of which mean I DO not get any sleep. I really need to get sleep. I hope I will be able to sleep this weekend. but probably not.

check out the mapper of doom.