Those are my cousins. of course they are awesome. and I will be hanging out with them tomorrow. it should be fun. I am flying out tonight. I really want to finish my book and start my other book. I want to do that a lot.

Tomorrow I am delivering my fathers new site and hanging out with family. it is gunna rule. I am bringing my fancy new shoes. <3 I will be ALL the rage. haha.

This is the first time I have put an image in my blog. I am gearing up to make my blog fancier. unfortunately I don't really like any of the other blog software - do I have been toying with writing my own. but I don't want to write my own. I want it to all just work. and I HATE all the features that are available. I just want a fancy pants text field that just works. I have almost competed one using wordpess - but I HATE the "dashboard" feature. it ticks me off. but I saw a plugin to fix that. so I will fix that - write a couple plug-ins (one for itunesblogger and one for all my quotes), make it so that the templates change based on which domain you come to and then I should be done. BAM. I have a beta up - email if you wanna see. it is OK. I am pretty happy with how it works - but I know it could be better.

check out one of my new projects: idea safari.

I have also been toying with writing a symbian interface to camophone - something that would allow you to instantly make camophone calls from your series 60 phone. oh and I have been thinking about finishing my screensaver that sucks images from recently updated livejournal entries. I LOVE watership.

btw, quicksilver rules. RULES! I say. since I broke my mac by installing tiger ;) I have been rearchitecting how I use it. I am now at ultra productive mode. it rules. I like it. I have YET to do any fierce development on it. I DO want to make a live journal screensaver for it. but I haven't any idea where to start. I did install subversion - and then backed up a lot of my code. I <3 subversion. ok enough drival. its time to roll.

i <3 arms