where the deer and the antelope play. where seldom is heard a discouraging word. and the eyes eat cowboys all day.

Oh yea. it is the weekend. I am soooo sleepy. I am going to have a meet and greet. and then have a meet and sleep. and then WHAMO. saturday. then sunday. then work. wooohooo

in the mean time I am going to attempt to hook howtoyoyo into mambo as well as audreyhacking - hopefully by putting all my sites into one CMS I will have a quicker workflow for chanegs and such. or I will get rooted faster. I will also work on my MVC PHP port of cripplesmash. I am excited. I wish I had more money. I would buy a mac mini - port synchronet bbs to osx - and run a bbs. hah. w00t. the 80s will never die. NEVER DIE.

oh and maybe I will finally move nata2 to its new design. I have junked the old new design and have placed almost everything into wordpress - so I will hopefully moving forward soon. I had some philosophical questions about whether or not to include all my other properties into my blog site - like roll harperreed.org, 3gcoding.com and nata2.org into one (with proper separation of course) - or to keep them separate (but equal). nobody knows. stupid blogs.

these are some things I have been looking at on the internet lately: adsense, clothing, google, blogs