i got up late today. it was a bummer. I did na mean to. but I kept having WEIRD dreams about doing menial tasks at work. so nerve wrecking. they were stressful dreams. not as awesome as other dreams. and my eyes are sleepy. and I am hungry. and and and

last night we went to the science and industry museum - it was closed. suxor. hah.  so I think I am going to go tomorrow with hiromi instead.

tomorrow is my secret not so secret birthday party.  for on monday I turn 27. twenty seven years old. that is old. like 1 billion. not really. but it is the closest to thirty I have ever been ;) and that is cool.

i am so hungry.

Last night mark and I played ideasafari.com. it will be interesting to see if we can generate a few dollars. I hope so. it woudl also be funny. after that I read the honeypot project book - know your enemy. it is a great read. all about blackhats infilterating systems and setting up bot nets and ddos drones. heh. I hate getting rooted. ;) one of the things that I found interesting was that the haxors often woudl secure the boxes after compromising them. heh. because there was such fierce competition from other blackhats. it was also awesome to see the tools they used and to read the irc conversations. it reminded me what it was like to hang out on irc. wait a minute. I am on irc right now. brb....

 ;) I am a sliver hat.

i am also reading quick silver by neil stephenson.  it is a damned long book. I was horribly tired of reading about goddamned daniel waterhouse - when jack shaftoe came along and saved me from the boredom often associated with my college intellectual history courses. god how I hate the golden age of intellectualism and catholicism. stupid galileo - always getting martyred for planets. I do have to say that dante is awesome. and I did like taking all those intellectual history courses - just reading abotu it was so boring. nothing more boring then reading story about the very primary texts I studied in college. well not so boring. it was good. i just got tired of holding it up. I need to back to reading banana yoshimoto. her books are so sleek and small. haha. I shoudl always choose the books I read by the size and color. from now on that is the case.

the other night we were all hanging out  (mark, matiss, matt, hiromi) and some friends of ours came over - erica, morgan, jeanae and some friends of theirs. it ruled. we played bang and then the shocking game. so much fun. bang is really hard with so many people. i  prefer it with around 3-5. hah.

ok. I need to do work and to do lunch. I love lunch. so good in my belly. maybe two lunches today.  

i wrote some software that I need to release. soon. soon. I also need to desprately move my wordpess blog to real life. and then integrate all my sites. I need this real real bad. please. let me have some spare time this weekend. sad. so sososo busy.