I am sitting here listening to the misfits. oh how I love the misfits. heh. I could listen to last caress every day. heh ;)

so anyway.

last night after work - hiroimi and I went to the body worlds exhibit. it was hand down the craziest thing I have EVER seen. EVER. totally insane. real people. dead. and made into plastic. totally crazy. I don't relaly know what to think. all I know is that it blew my mind. and that hyde park is so so so totally far away. there should be a maglev. ;-) 

After that we came home. I changed into my cowboy costume. I love cowboys. I love dressing like cowboys. nobody does it. so I do it. or something. but anyway. after that we went to dinner at de cerno with scott and beth. then we scootered our way over to crobar. where unbeknownst to me - a whole birthday party was set up. I assumed it was just going to be friends. but they decorated the walls and everything. it ruled. I was happy. and then they brought out a cake that my parents had provided. magically of course. it was nice. I was happy. a great party. and I was dressed like a cowboy. there are many many pictures here.

tonight i am apparently going to a b list celeb party. I will bring cards and attempt to get juggling gigs. ;) hahaha. I love to juggle. wait a sec.