So i have been ordering from hivizone, a hong kong asian cinema store, for about 4 years now. and they send via speedpost - which eventually turns into USPS. well. goddamn USPS always makes receiving packages a nightmare. so for the second time in the last six months i have placed an order with hivizone and USPS leaves an attempt of delivery notice. So i fill it out appropriately and leave it. The carrier then refuses to acknowledge it - and will either leave another one or just send my package back to hong kong. OMG. it kills me.

so anyway. they finally take my filled out sheet and they make another attempt of delivery today. and they don’t leave the package in the entryway as instructed and they leave ANOTHER NOTICE.

WTF. omg. it seriously makes me so mad. this is not a point at which my patience are cool. i wish it was all done with UPS or fedex. i NEVER have problems with them. i imagine that is mostly my carrier (they often bend mail, and force magazines into the smallest possible spots. it kills me. KILLS) they probably just don’t care. and it is easier for them to just fuck with me than it is for them to do their job.

EEk. haha. i will now relax. and work.

Ecto is also killing me. it doesn’t really work.