so i have been working on wordpress and i decided to upgrade all my friends to wordpress. so i did mike’s, miriams, Dylan’s, danielles and comptons and soon i will get Matiss’s and Thom’s.

hopefully this will rule - we could have a huge trackback club. and more people will se our blogs. MORE MORE MORE. then i will have to make fancy. i imagine i will attempt to use javascript and ajax to make it rule. making a comment subsystem. but more importantly - a way to load up each users who rss feed under their entry. i love the Internet. if i only had about 12 more hours in my day ;)

so. i am thinking of writing a PHP, MVC, SMARTY (maybe with XSL, XML) cms. just something real real real simple. something that could power anything from weownthesun to filaphilia to just something awesome. awesome and simple. i am tired of using played out blog software to power my sites. i need something that will generate pages - be easy to expand and will make design simple as hell. i think with the proper motivation this could also be commercially viable. w00t. don;t get me wrong however. i really like mambo. however. it is too big for a lot of sites and i don’t want unnecessary complications.