I got all my movies last night. i had ordered a bunch: casshern, in the mood for love, 2046, kung fu hustle, a world without thieves, colored bloussoms, new police story and old boy. i am pretty excited.

i went ahead and watched casshern. it is incredible. one of the weirdest movies i have seen in awhile. totally insane. it is about this dude who dies and then gets reborn - and his arch enemy - a bioexperiment gone wrong. they fight. there are a lot of robots and monsters. and some good fighting. really insane. it is like sky captain of tomorrow mixed with the anime metropolis mixed with city of lost children. totally insane.

some cool stuff happening with itunesblogger in the next couple days. first - we updated itunesblogger to the new version. fixed some bugs and added more wildcard support. exciting. and then we talked about making a itunesblogger community site. and luckily enough i own ituners.com - which will work wonders. i am excited. it will be fun - even if it is just my friends playing.

WEEKEND. today is a half day. so excited. i will probably stay awhiel though. got some work and testing to do. stupid testing. haha.