so this weekend i hung out a lot. it was awesome. i came home from work early on friday (holiday) and hung out with matt and hiromi. we went and got beers, pop, cheese and thai food. then we watched new poilce story. so so good. it was about jackie chan - a screwed up sad sad cop and this punk kid who ruled. they get together and fight this gang of rich kids. it is hilarious and sad and awesome. incredible action movie. so good.

then after that - matt and i went to his friend dewaynes house with edie and then to the openend gallery to watch icy demons (i need some of their music) and then i left. went to rainbow and hung out. there were these really cute girls talking about cell phones. like phone nerds. it was killing me. heh. then i met jordan and we went to Y bar. then sound bar. then crobar. then exit. then tacos. and a hot-dog somewhere in there. hehe. tooo much money was spent. then sleep.

on saturday i just played around with my newish site: it is going to be a communityish group where people can post what they are listening too. it will also allow people to post tags and such. but the main thing it will do is allow people who use blogger and typepad (or any thing that isn’t php friendly) to use and post itunesblogger. it shoudl be interesting. then maybe some tricks to tag the music (which would have to be interesting - either a “new” id3 tag (which would suck) or using the comments tag (which also could suck) (andy i need your help here)). but either way things turn out. currently i wrote most of the site code, and the posting piece and the javascript usercode piece and i am almost done with the RSS feed of a users music. i want to win.

google ads make it worth making fun sites.

i am currently trying marsedit - much better than ecto or zempt. which is sad. i wanted to be cool like boing boing and use ecto. the only problem i see is that nothing supports the custom tags that wordpress uses - so i am unable to incorporate my tagging system into these fancy tools. i imagine i will have to haxor my xmlrpc.php apart to make it work. but that just seems like a PAIN in the ass. stupid asses. stupid pain.

Easter was nice. all i did was fix my friends computer and then had an excellent dinner with hiromi, valentina and art. it was good. at a place called meiji. so good. then we came back to my place and watched kung fu hustle. it was hilarious. not quite as good as shoalin soccer - but excellent. some really funny situations. ahh… i love kung fu. i really want to see 2046. but first.. in the mood for love. stupid love. stupid wong kar wai. heh. so beautiful.

i love pictures. this weekend i played a bit with flickr. really incredible. it is so nice that they are successful. not really surprising since it is an incredible product. my friend ella (the one on the right) uses this site called it seems pretty good. and is really fun to crawl through. obviously not much of it is in english - but there are a lot of really ridiculous pictures. mostly of ladies and cars. i have no idea why there are sooo many ladies and cars.