i am rather burned out. i have been working with php-mvc frameworks and they are making me not feel smart. it is totally bumming me out.

i need some help. some change. someone to punch me in the eye. eep cryptic. heh. i am soo bored. i guess i just need to represent and figure out what is going on.

eeeek. so frustrated.

time is moving so slow today. i spent 4 hours from 3-5 today. it sucked. and the last two hours have been hell too. mostly cuz i am ftustrated at my computer. however i did manage to make some headway - however small it really was.

oh OH OH!! much more fun then my depressed rants is this: Photoshopped pictures of me!! go ahead and contribute some. they will make everyone happy. i promise.

also.. umm… i forgot.
oh yea. i think i am going to goto coachella. i will be attempting to change the lives of people i meet with technology. oh yes i will. OH YES. i love rock.

wheee my new myspace url