oh yea. so stability, unrest and insanity are all ways to describe my current feelings. basically nothing is making sense and everything is all screwed up.

the new zealand people are at it again - or something. LAME. and super super annoying. i hate money.

i think i am about to go through some rather large changes. it should be interesting. and retarded. i am not excited. well wait i am excited - but i wish that i was in control rather than not in control.

this weekend was fun. on friday i played nerd with andy. we will have cool stuff soon. i hope. i also hung out with elisa. it ruled. then i did my taxes. stupid taxes. then i slept. forever. or at least a rather long time.

i then went to XO with claudia, john, todd and mark. it is an excellent resturant. tapas style. jordan is a server there and marco is the GM. so it was a star studded night. it was john’s anniversary party at redno - so we went and hung out. lots and lots of fun. so many hot girls. heh. and good music and fun dancing. then we went to crobar - where there were these crazy muscle dudes dancing. hilarious. totally straight and acting incredibly “mister leather.” heh. it ruled.

btw. i HATE the forward and backward keys on the ibm thinkpad keyboard. it almost killed this entry. i remember a javascript cookie-ish plugin/hack for squirrelmail that would allow you to recover a saved entry. basically i think that it executed a function that woudl store the contents of your textarea into a cookie on every keypress in said text area. it would then kill this var if you completed the entry/email. this woudl allow it to pop up a dialog and restore an interupted email. it ruled. it also disappeared. i don’t know why. heh.

i am gunna need a new laptop. and i am gunna need some other stuff.

i am going to pheonix on tuesday.