the weather here is excellent. i likey. work is fun. the environment here is much more “low-key” than in chicago. the people are just as nice but everyone seems so much more chill. it is a great work vacation. i think they should send everyone here to recooooop. it rules. oh and it is really nice out. just yesterday i got sunburned. which isn’t exactly hard for me - since i get color walking to the train. but i immediately invested in sunscreen.

i NEED to move somewhere warm. why do i live in chicago - so so so dumb. maybe cali. maybe colorado. i will live in my parents basement. haha. oh yea. i will rule.

i am supposed to see meghan soon. that will be fun. and then i will be going back. ahh sad.

a bit of humor - my boss and i were working on my laptop and she reached across my computer and accidently spilled my water onto my laptop keyboard. around 4-5 oz of water. rule. it immediately turned itself off. now the IT guy is in the process of “magicianing” it back to life.

water + laptop == no good.

i know it isn’t as good as story as tim’s beer laptop. but it is the least i coudl do ;)