So i was chilling in phoenix and i called my dad. i told him that i wanted to make a website for my grandfather and that my mom and dad should start scanning pictures - or send them to me to scan. and my dad was like.. umm why don’t you come out here and do it this weekend. he then offered to pay airfare ;) so i purchased some tickets and flew to Colorado. got in Friday. my mom was at some conference in Cheyenne so she wouldn’t know i was here until she got home on Saturday. which left Friday night and Saturday day to my father and i’s own devices. So we went and purchased a scanner and started ripping it up on the pictures. i scanned about 200 pictures in. it takes soooo long. it is rather annoying.

so anyway. i found this old comic my dad made for me - so i took it and webified it and posted it to the internet. check it out: fast milo. rule.

Then on Sunday i woke up to a HUGE snowstorm. all of Denver is closed. power is out all over the front range, United stopped flying until Tuesday and i am totally stranded. the next available flight is on Tuesday. sad sad day. but whatever. more time here.

so rather than go to the airport i got a bunch of stuff done on my grandfathers site:

now on to world domination.

i am gunna have to do laundry