Lots and lots of writing has taken place. it is pretty nuts. i have been blogging since march 1st 2000. it is pretty nuts. A lot of words. a lot of randomness. a HUGE number of rants and a couple emotions. hah. mostly just drivel. it rules. Since 2000 i have had two jobs, hosted probably 200 websites, gone to the grocery store maybe 50 times, read hundreds of books, had 7ish girlfriends, learned to speak italian, graduated from college, and ran around naked. I think the best thing that has come about due to my love of blogging is all the blogs i have hooked people up with or proselytized people into getting. two of my favorites are dylans blog and jons blog. I think i like these cuz they are my closest of close friends and they often times both fall away from me - and with the blog i am able to see whats going on.. With dylan, i was able to see when he got engaged and with jon i get to see his travels. it rules. i think blogs really are fun. i like the internet.

check out ella’s new pictures.

heh. our search engine optimization blog is pretty cool.. unfortunantly it is listed as an entertainment site in googles mind - so all the ads and such come up as “come visit the ritz. totally lame.

matiss and i have a juggling gig tomorrow night. it shoudl be fun. we are making fliers and such. heh. w00t marketing.

tonight i am going to finish my secret plan. oh and my resume. hah.