I decided to follow the pack of wild php developers and attack ruby on rails. it rules. in the past 30 hours of dayish time - i have spent a significant amount of time devoted to learning this new platform. it is nifty for sure. Basically it is an mvcish platform that runs off of ruby. it is pretty snappy and VERY VERY easy to roll out webapps. pretty handy. i have dreams of a new webapp everyday. however something about quality gets in the way. heh. well i am currently wrapping up work on alliedmovements.com. this is a site that will handle all my extra domains and create mini blogs for each domain. heh. it shoudl be nifty. i figure i should use the domains since i purchased them.. and i have a problem letting them drop. i guess one will never know when a use for penisfighter will come up. heh. stupid penis fighter.

here are the links

i think my next projects will be: ituners.com, modelhost, an adsense tracker, watership.org, and then moving howtoyoyo.com to mambo. unless i feel the need to more it to rails. which i may. rails is really nifty. i can’t imagine building a community site would be all that hard in it. the only thing is that it has to be awesome. i hesitate to use mambo only cuz of bloat.

to all who are wondering.. my job is still in limbo-ville. basically i am working for a couple months and then BAM. gone. unless something changes. thus limbo. so if anyone has any awesome jobs let me know.

the shadows just created a stigmata on my hand.

ok sleepish time.