So i haven’t really been posting to my blog as i would like. I have instead been coding ruby on rails applications. it is fun. i am kinda bored. sorta. not really. i was bored. then i discovered the ajax helpers. haha. so much fun. unfortunately a site such as doesn’t lend itself to being ajax’d. I was able to do some fanciness with the quotation on the front and the contact form. check it out. i am proud.

ajax. this is an interesting topic. i noticed that everyone who is anyone is thinking about it (and if you aren’t - you should be). I really think it does change how the user perceives a web application. especially when the entire webapp is ajax’d. it makes it a seamless user experience (which is apparently the key). i am happy about this. I feel that most of the web apps i have been involved with haven’t been horrible - however they all show some signs of being user-unfriendly. ajax would lend some capabilities to our developer toolbelts that allows us to include some fanciness and “seamlessness” to the otherwise boring and annoying webapps.

Bruce Springsteen is amazing.

I am currently working on:,,, and in ruby on rails - with ajax where i need it. I am most excited right now for and i think that howtoyoyo offers a great opportunity to create a rather compelling application that is very user friendly(since the age we are targeting is around 14-20). i am excited to make common forms (user sign-up, private messages, video uploading) into ajax action. it will be so smoooooth. the video uploading is gunna be so dope. i am trying to think how to make it super super smooth. cuz i DO NOT want to just do ajax for the hell of it. whatever. i need to sleep or something to stop thinking about ajax and ruby on rails.

my friends who hear me talking about ruby on rails have started to refer to it as raspberry. heh. rule.

so tonight i went to the apple store and purchased tiger. i am disappointed. wtf happened to native support for my phone. wtf should i have to download a “helper” application to sync with. it seems that they probably didn’t write in support for the native syncml that the 7610 supports - they probably just wanted to write a quick fix. stupid apple.

And then dashboard - why doesn’t that shit hover on my desktop. i mean. its cool. but i hate pressing F13 or whatever to see the “widgets”

I decided that i need a powerbook. it will allow me to do development and be cool. like the cool kids. but what will i do my c# stuff in? sad day.

i also got a bag today. it was far too expensive. but i felt i needed something fancy to make up for all the non-fanciness that is my life. really i could have just got a pair of pants. that would have been a better idea. what world is it where i don’t even blink when buying a tie for 100, a bag for 150 or a pair of jeans for 200. i need another suit and i expect to pay 1000 for it - i guess.. lame.

i am tired. i need a new cell phone. ;) and i need to spell check my portfolio.

I HATE MEAT LOAF - so goddamn bad