it is kinda late. hiromi and i are waiting for food. how i love you food. my new friend who i will soon destroy. food. my friend food.

i have been sick and sleepy for the last couple days. It sucks. last night i just stayed in and screwed around. did nothing. slept most of the day. didn’t do much. i have no idea what i ate. probably something bad. no idea.

on friday i was sickish but still insane. i went to cals with work, went home, went to the mfa show, went to sushi wabi, went to cals again, went to y bar, went to crobar, went to soundbar then went to redno five. it ruled. lots of went tos. jameson was there. i took some pictures. they are here. Miss kittin was at soundbar. that was good.

Cole’s Child. heh.

hiromi’s blog is good. that is exciting. i like it when people blog well. and really jump in. and wordpress makes it really easy. which is nice too. <3 heh.

ajax rules. i really feel that this is the last week for - then we will be done.