i am sleepy. last night was another of claudia’s bbq’s. which was awesome. if i didn’t lose my camera - i think i have some pretty funny pictures. i barely made it home. heh. i mean i was in a cab and such. but i barely made it. eep. being hung over is dumb. i should go back to being straight edge. hah. that would solve everything. EVERYTHING i say.

This weekend was pretty laid back. friday was tag’s birthday. so we all went to dinner at club lucky. it was good. then we went to Y bar, then sound-bar then crobar. then i went home and went to bed (only after waking mark up heh). then on saturday i hung out with mark and we went bling hunting. then i stayed in. and it ruled. currently i am voting staying in as the new black.

So more about the bling hunting. so mark and i have this website, howtoyoyo.com, and it has spawned a project of manufacturing a custom yoyo for awesomeness sake. we are really close to being done, but a final part of the manufacturing process is for us to get some bling. so we traveled all around chicago looking for bling. in the past couple months we have looked on the internet, woodfield mall, the maga mall, my room, and finally we struck gold at a wholesale shop way north on clark. It is in this area where there are bundles and bundles of little wholesale shops that sell merch to stores and such. so you have to have a tax id and such to buy. luckily for us, mark is a licensed reseller. ;) at these stores we found bling after bling after bling. and a couple that will work. whee.

mark showed my his friend eric wolfe(?) who makes yoyos. check out this picture of his mantel. and then this one of him and this HUGE gigantic top.

lord am i tired.

i need to make things better