I love flickr. it is great. My friend thom has posted what could be one of the most amazing pictures i have ever seen. check it out here.

Last night i saw mike and his friends at clark’s. it ruled. however i had a horrible headache. HORRIBLE. so i went home. went to bed. slept. woke up. still had a headache. called in sick. slept. until 3:00. woke up. still had a headache. cut off my ears, my nose, my arms and my legs. now i am typeing with my tongue. but i finally feel better.

I often enjoy reading about what tian has learned. today he learned about picking laptop lock. like the kensington ones. that is nuts. security, for laptops, once again has been rendered into sand. stupid sand.

SOOO… kinnera is always complaining that she never gets mentioned on my blog. complain. complain. complain. she came to one of claudia’s bbqs the other day and hung out. it was fun. she was able ot meet a bunch of my friends and we were able to hang out. check out the pictures here. they rule. we were not sober. kinnera was fun to hang out with. now if only she hung out more. heh.

EVERYONE. check out ella’s new blog. its nice.