i hope i haven’t made a mistake. we will soon see. heh. i would feel awfully dumb.

i am tryign to get back to the swing of things. i was totally stuck in a limbo world track. i finally finished my alien books. now i have to wait for the dude to finish the fifth one. stupid authors always taking “time.”

So i want to have a chicago hackathon. i think it woudl be awesome and i have already talked to some peeps who woudl be into it. i have a space. i know need to contact some other people to see if i can get some not so official sponsors. then profit. PROFIT.

last night i went to the Chicago .Net bloggers group meeting. it was awesome. i love hanging out with a bunch of people who are way into tech. and into good practices and development and all that. they have the ability to really teach me a lot. and i hope i can offer them some good thigns too.

afterwards, andy and i came to the conclusion that wired magazine is maxim for dorks. this was during our “discovery” of the wired next fest being in chicago, in a coupel weeks. w00t.

i need to figure out what is happening in my life. it suddenly feels a bit out of control. not out of control like i am drunk all the time and my friends hate me.. but out of control like i don’t know what i will be doing in a month. that is weird. having ALWAYS had a job it totally makes the prospect of not having a job seem very interesting.

by the way.. i have one of the strangest lives ever. hah.