So last night i went with scott to see Billy Corgan’s new show. My friend brian is playing keyboards in it so it was nice to see. The stage is amazing and i like billy’s new stuff. it was weird cuz i haven’t been to a concert in a very long time. so being at this one was like being at a concert in my living room. it didn’t seem real. but it was i know. i was there.

I also got impatient and launched last night. it is pretty solid. my first “real” ruby on rails app. hopefully we will get some more users and really hit it big. BIG i say. check it out. use it. whatever.

i also updated the sexOffenders map. ti should support most of the zip codes in illinois and has roughly 19k of sex offenders listed. it is still a pretty insane breach of privacy. i guess it is just cuz they are people who could be risk on society - but still. this view into their life is rather insane. we have got a bit of writeup. hopefully more and more.

i laugh when i think that all i so is create viralish websites. hah. is off the hook. OFF THE HOOK.