So my foot really really hurts. i have NO idea what i did. seriously. none. no memory of banging it on something, or hitting it, or crushing it or anything. i just woke up on monday and it really hurt. On monday i could walk a bit. then by monday night - i could barely walk on it. so i took a warm bath, no help; i put it on ice, nothing; i slept, that helped (heh) but when i woke up today it was killing me again. i tried to walk to work but that wasn’t happening. so i called a doctor and am going at 2. i am sad though - cuz i never get hurt and i NEVER hurt an extremity. i have no idea what i did. but i am tired of not being able to walk well. as far as i know i hurt myself in my sleep. stupid sleep. always hurting.

ok. i need t odo something about this. heh. i also have NO pain relievers or anything. which is probably good. but still. IT HURTS. haha.