So i went to the doctor yesterday and was like “what the hell is wrong with my broke ass foot” and the doctor was like “well what have you eaten recently?” heh. wtf. eating and feet are related. apparently if you drink a lot and eat mostly hotdogs - they are. so i guess i have goutted up my big toe and am working on fixing it. its pretty retarded - expecially that it occured right after i consumed more meat and rich food than i had in probably a year.

Its kind of annoying really. Both because i am relatively healthy and because this was probably brought on because of my attempt to save money and not go out every night. so i guess i need to learn to cook good food - or start eating thai food everynight again. <3 thai.

anyway. the plot thickens in a humorous way. so i was chilling this morning. taken my pain medicine - hobbling over to the train station. annoyed cuz i am slow, but happy it isn’t as bad as yesterday. then i get on the train and sit next to this crazy lady. she is cussing and swearing under here breath the whole way to the downtown. At the grand stop the train breaks down. but they don’t let us out of the cars. hah. they shut the doors and just sound that “beep beep beep this train is brox0red” message over and over again. well the lady is going ape shit. she is swearing and being all “what is going on. i mean… WHAT IS GOING ON.” it was funny. she was really bothered. when it was obvious that it was effecting all of us and not just her. Luckily i had my make magazine.

so anyway.. the conductor was finally like “the train is broken, you shoudl all get off the train.” People got all riled up and hurried out. now i am not fast anylonger (hopefully soon i will regain speed) - so i was not up to the street as fast as everyone else. so all the cabs were gone, all the buses were going elsewhere and no more cabs were available. The spry young people kept bouncing in front of me and grabbing the next avail. so annoying. so i walked to work. well hobbled is a better describtion.

it was annoying. woudln’t be so bad if i wasn’t hobbling or if i had music or if it wasn’t 100 damn degrees out.

why did summer just decide to come over the other day and start it up. summer coudl have called or at least warmed it up a bit first. but no. it had to bring it at 95 degrees. hah.

i need to fix my keywords plugin. i don’t know how i broke it. but i will look ;)