So awhile ago i was cruising the make flickr tags and i noticed the juicebox frame and i thought “i like frames. they are fun.” So i decided to go get some. unfortunantly they were all gone from walmat, or target so i went to the linux-hacker boards and found a dude who was selling some. I bought them right before it was posted to slashdot.

they arrived today. So i immediately broke it apart. I barely had the batteries in before i destroyed the poor player. It looks to be a pretty cool device. The box itself runs uClinux and has a 2.75 inch 240x160 screen. The fact that it runs uClinux really makes the possible hackery cool. I would especially like to get shell on it and possibly create a fancy mini linux box. the uclinux link above details a jtag hookup. so i guess it is possible.

After i took it apart i dropped a bundle of pictures on the SD card and it worked. Pretty cool. now if i only haxored it all apart. mount it in a frame or something (this is real cool) and moved the buttons to another place. i could really do something exciting with it.

here are some pictures: