Last night hiromi and mark and myself went and saw mr. and mrs. smith. it was pretty nice. Really funny. a lot of good relationship jokes. The only flaw was that we got there late so we had to sit in the very front row. kind of a bummer. but it ruled.

This weekend was pretty chilled out. I hung out friday. there was a going away party for suresh after work - which allowed me to hang out with all my ex-coworkers. they are a good crowd. we had a few drinks (not me - just coke) and then swung over to base for a couple of drinks.

After that i ran home and set up my computer for skype usage. i was going to be interviewed by some of ella’s friends. the interview started about 8 oclock and we talked about cellphones, movies, paparazi and then chatted about some other stuff as well. it was really fun. i want to visit them someday.

So after that i just chilled. watched a movie with hiromi - then went to bed.

On saturday i got up earlish and hung out with mark and matiss - then i got all dressed up and went went to the southern suburbs for mike’s wedding. it was fun. for some reason though i ended up taking like 100 pictures or jeff. wtf. nobody knows. well some people on irc have their ideas but they are on irc and everyone knows that people on irc are not real people.

so then i came home and went to kamehachi with mark, matiss and hiromi. you could read about this on matiss’s blog - but he refuses to update it. i even prettied it up for him. punk. ;)

apparently dylan’s latest blog entry is pretty funny. even if he does misspell injuries.

i am hungry. i have like thirty sites i need to do/redo.