oh yea. i am here. well not really nyc. somewhere near i guess. got in this morning around 9:00am after leaving my house at 4:00 (that sucked for sure). Then i slept very uncomfortably on the unsleepable chairs at the airport. slept around 4 hours. and then went downstairs and yoyoed for 4 hours.

After my yoyo extravaganza we met up and went to thai food. I love thai food. this place was great. a lot of interesting dishes. quite nice. i loved the bu-du dish. a rice dish with different things to mix in. so good. and the spicy curries and. and. and. for real. nice stuff.

now i am at the hotel. sleep is soon.

while i was hanging out at the airport these two girls came up to me totally unsolicited and asked me if i was from colorado. i was like “umm.. in a round about way..” and they were like “oh.. i thought so..” - wtf. how did they think so. there is no way i exude “colorado-ness.” heh. not after 8 years of being gone. maybe i exude awesomeness and that is what they felt. that has to be it.

so tired. no sleep + lots yoyoing + nyc = tired harper.