This last couple days have been insane. So obviously i was in nyc working. then i hung out and partied all night in manhatten with amjad. That ended with us eating tater tots at 4 in the morning. and INCREDIBLE idea. seriously. whoever invented that was smart. S M R T. then the plane fiasco.

now i am at work. making stuff happen. I am flying out tonight to san fran for some fun with the gravitymobile guys. It is pride weekend - so it is going to be nuts. no idea what it is going to be like or what to expect. hopefully goodness. oh yea. and awesomeness.

speaking of awesomeness - last night while attempting to regain control of my life matiss found this incredible band called “3 inches of blood.” they are like a hardcore version of king diamond/iron maiden. really awesome. i itunesd it and now i “own” it. it is incredible.

i need a job. btw.