no job for me.

i have lots and LOTS of things going on.

Here is my travel schedule - so if you are around during these times let me know

07/28-07/30: Orlando - world yoyo contest 07/30-08/04: NYC - work 08/11-08/13: colorado - play/work

come play. it would be fun.

I desprately need a new laptop. seriously. this is killing me. i had to give my old laptop back to my work - so now i am back to my mini me laptop. so so little. and not at all good. it is SOO slow. but more importantly it is relaly little, and is causing my wrists pain. So i need to save my money and get a new one. i want an ibm/lenova - cuz i really liked my old ibm. I wish i could just buy one. haha. but they are expensive. so if anyone knows of any good laptop brands that are not super expensive let me know.

i need some braces and some gears and stepper motors to make my robot gun out of my electronic airsoft gun. i have the stamp2 to control it. i think i coudl use legos and servos. but i want it to move a bit faster. couple it with a webcam. and BAM i have a computer controlled bruising machine. w00t.

last night mark, hiromi and myself hung out and attempted to “print” some howtoyoyo shirts. unfortunantly we are bad at them. and we need to refine our process. hehe. hopefully they are fixed soon.

word. i need to figure out how to be a better worker. the world around me is tricking me. i think if i had a better laptop i coudl go to a coffee shop and work. that woudl be good.