I am having a hell of a time staying on task. I really have NO idea what day it is or where i am. haha. well i know i am on my couch. watching shitty TV and wishing i had an office. But soon it will all change.

I have been planning a bit more, attempting to really solidify exactly what i am going to do for the next couple hours. I will soon be getting an office and my new laptop should arrive shortly. Really all i want is the new laptop. I need something that doesn’t hurt my hands when i am typing on it. I miss my thinkpad soo much. It was so nice. i liked how many fancy little things it had. it was like they had though everything out. hah. tech companies never think things out. NEVER. so my new little dell better rule!! or i will be mad.

I really want to get back into rails development. it is so much fun. maybe i will go to the ruby con and see whats happening

This weekend was a good time. the intonation festival was pretty cool. i really don’t like live music, nor do i like being hot and sweaty. But it turned out to be quite fun. check out the pictures here or here. Hiromi and Marcia hung out. Shawn and Valerie were there. and i hung out with Rani and Kira whom yoyos introduced me to. It was pretty fun. Te best was dancing at the afterparty. i was exhausted after all of the festivities and slept forever.

speaking of which. i need to goto bed.

but first. tonight i saw Charlie and the Chocolate family. It was awesome. the best thing ever. so awesome. i loved it.