So my life was in shambles. but i am feeling it come back. For one. i cleaned my room. that seriously helped. I didn’t know i had so much space. i coudl sleep anywhere. basically all i did was remove all the geeky stuff. like the cell phones, the computers, the audreys and the like. the second thing i did - was fix my computers. I changed up hard drives. merged my MP3 Libraries. and all that. So now rather than two disparate libraries i have one 60g one. nicer. i now need to finish that and copy it to its own HD and make everything happy. For third i am finally getting caught up on work. i had a very very good work day today and if i ever get tomorrow i imagine i will have one tomorrow as well.

My laptop should arrive shortly. Dell’s order status could give a person a nightmere.

i am not sleepy. but i guess that is what happens when you have barely been awake for 15 hours. i guess that is the recommended amount.

I kinda want to convert myself back into my old style of sleeping. i liked the 9-5 awake. 7-10 asleep. 11-4 awake. 4-8 sleep. a total of 14 awake hours and 7 sleep hours with a couple grace hours sprinkled for good luck. i really feel this maximizes the amount of work, play and sleep i can get. it also mazimizes my productivity and increases craziness. all good things.

ok gnight